Text Box: (Small portion as a starter £6.50)
Text Box: Penne Al Pollo                                                                               10.95
Chicken, mushrooms and cream sauce

Penne Carbonara                                                                          10.50                                                             
Short pasta cooked with cream, bacon, egg yolk and onions.

Spaghetti Tuttomare                                                                     13.50                                                  
Mixed seafood, tomato sauce and garlic

Tagliatelle Alla Bolognese                                                            10.50                                                       
Flat pasta with mincemeat, tomato 

Rigatoni Matriciana                                                                       10.50                                                          
Ribbed macaroni with tomato sauce, bacon, onions and chilli

Fettucini Al Salmone                                                                     12.90           
Fresh egg pasta with smoked salmon, cream 

Lasagne Pasticciate                                                                       10.50       
Layers of egg pasta with bolognese sauce, tomato, bechamel 
and  mozzarella.

Tortellini Emilia                                                                               10.90                 
Stuffed egg pasta with parma ham, tomato sauce, cream, 
spicy salamis, topped with mozzarella 

Penne Arrabiata * Vegetarian                                                        10.50    
Penne pasta served in tomato, chilli and olive sauce

Penne Gradinate del Giardino   * Vegetarian                               10.90
Baked short pasta, tomato sauce, seasonable vegetables, mozzarella

Crespella Agli Ortaggi. (Pancake filled with vegetables, tomato, 
Mozzarella cheese)                                                                          10.90

Crespella ai Frutti di Mare						            13.50
Pancake filled with mixed seafood, tomato, mozzarella cheese

All of our pasta dishes can be made with our no gluten pasta 
at a small extra cost

See the Blackboard for additional 

Please note that prices may vary  from time to time without notice.