Text Box: Pollo La Scala                                                                                     13.95
Supreme of chicken , cream, mushrooms, white wine,
topped with asparagus

Pollo Puttanesca                                                                                13.95
Supreme of chicken, mushrooms, white wine, tomato, chilli

Pollo Mont Blanc                                                                                13.95
Supreme of chicken, with asparagus, ham , topped with
Mozzarella cheese, baked in the oven and served with
Cream sauce

Bistecca Ai 4 Pepe                                                                             17.50
Sirloin steak with four different peppercorns in a demiglace
sauce, red wine, onions 

Bistecca Pizzaiola                                                                              18.50
Sirloin steak cooked with tomato, olives, oregano, Garlic 
and white wine

Filetto Opera                                                                                       20.95
Prime fillet steak, cooked in red wine, demiglace,Madeira 
wine and porcini mushrooms

Filetto Alla Griglia                                                                              19.95
A grilled prime fillet steak cooked to your taste, served with french

Filetto Al Dolcelatte                                                                           20.95
Prime fillet steak topped with melted dolcelatte cheese in a rich 
mushroom and red wine sauce

Filetto Royal                                                                                       20.95
Medallion of prime fillet steak, mushrooms, French mustard,
Red wine and cream

Agnello Cefaluí                                                                                  17.50
Rack of lamb, mushrooms, bell peppers, mint sauce and red wine

Anatra Al Pepe Verde                                                                       17.50
Breast of duck, cooked in demiglace, green peppercorns, red wine 

Salmone Al Pepe Rosa                                                                    16.50
Poached salmon supreme, white wine, pink peppercorns, cream
All of the main course dishes are served with fresh vegetable & potatoes or salad


All of our meals are prepared to order from the freshest ingredients. Please bear with us for a short while to allow our staff to prepare your meal.

Please note that prices may vary† from time to time without notice.

Please note that all of the above meals include a selection of fresh vegetables and potatoes or salad