"If I can just pick out at a little of everything, in the end I will have eaten despite the fact that I'm not hungry".

Salvo Montalbano

Francesco and Angela welcome you to the Opera Ristorante

The Premier Italian Restaurant in Doncaster

We, here at the Opera, are proud and privileged to have the title of the oldest Italian Restaurant in Doncaster and plan to continue for many more years. Established in 1995 we opened the Restaurant in Waterdale, Doncaster, and are celebrating our 26th year.
The first people through the door are still our customers and now their children, parents themselves, visit often and are welcomed as old friends. We make new friends every week, we continue to serve the finest authentic Modern Italian Cuisine and offer one of the best and fine selection of Italian Wines in Doncaster which all help to create an authentic Italian dining experience.